Data Social Science

Kstor probes the technical && anthropological shift,
from scriptural to digital && from tabular to graph,
that impacts Science and Society.



Build your migration database, annotate it, share it, and embed the dynamic map in your online publications. More features are in the pipeline, like image export, chronology animation, etc.


Who, what, when did awareness about our urbanism heritage rise along the XIII/XIXth century ? Alapadis is a database project related to a Historian PhD candidate. It compiles thousands of monuments and iconographies. To be continued, and shared...


P13 was a PHP-to-R platform used by a pool of researchers committed in an international study about the FSM Dakar (2011), and by students in statistics. It produced R graphs and results without any prior knowledge of statistics. Variables and results could be shared, discussed... and thus supervised. The project is suspended due to lack of time, but may come back to life...


Stratdoc was a one-shot experiment aimed at optimizing p2p meetings at a network-building conference. Target : SHS (Social Sciences & Humaninites) PhD Students.


"PLF" is a code name for a forthcoming application related to the collaborative economy. Can't say more on this date, but it is coming veeeery soon...


Certainly the most challenging and thriving project, directly pulled from a PhD Research on this field : how a graph may be transformed as a text, and vice-versa ? Not just for the technical and logical brain-teaser, but also in respect to the induced meaning transfer.


What functionalities should you systematically load in your project as a social scientist ? This project is looking forward building an npm-generator, using Yeoman, in order to pack everything once for all !

What about you ?

Need training ? Data analysis ? Web development for your very specific and/or scientific purpose ? Feel free to drop a line at !